Just to be clear….

by juanp1968

When I think of People who have contributed to the Tattoo Community, Artists, Collectors, Business people, one name of a very short list comes to mind, Miki Vialetto from Italy, organizer of the London Tattoo Convention, Milan Tattoo Convention, and mastermind of the best Tattoo magazines out there, Tattoo Life, Tattoo Energy, not to mention a wide array of books from the best tattooers.

So as it has happened here in the United States numerous times over, there is someone trying to piggyback his future on some one else’s achievements. I don’t know anyone who puts the time and effort into organizing a Tattoo event as much as Miki has, for the artists as well as the fans.

This being said, and without any other rhetoric involved, There is the one and only LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION, the first, biggest and the best. Please do not confuse, mistake or be tricked in any way that it has anything to do with “the great british tattoo show”. If you want the best artists guaranteed (CONFIRMED NOT JUST INVITED) from around the world in london at one place for one weekend. LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION is your destination.